Farewell, Sports on Earth

After five and a half years in which it published over 14,000 articles, Sports on Earth has run its final story.

I started at SoE in June 2012, two months before we launched as a joint venture of MLB Advanced Media and USA Today Sports. I was hired as a 24-year-old utility man to help with a little bit of everything. I ended up writing 1,547 stories -- more than any other writer -- became the lead college sports writer, edited thousands more stories by countless accomplished writers and spent the past few months as the site’s acting managing editor. Working for SoE allowed me to travel to cover three college football national championships, two Sugar Bowls, an Orange Bowl and a Cotton Bowl, plus numerous NCAA Tournament games. It allowed me to work with and learn from numerous talented colleagues, developing as a writer and editor and capitalizing on creative freedom that often felt like a dream.

I am immensely proud of the work that I did and that we did. I had the pleasure of working with too many great writers and editors to name, but I must especially thank Joe Posnanski for getting my foot in the door; Larry Burke and Steve Madden for taking a chance on me; Gabe Guarente, Dinn Mann and Don Hintze for keeping SoE going; and Will Leitch for being a great friend and colleague who is the only other person who knows what it was like to contribute to Sports on Earth from start to finish.

I turn 30 in February. I spent the majority of my 20s working for Sports on Earth, an opportunity I will always be thankful for. I’d like to thank anybody who read Sports on Earth and everybody who has supported my work, and I look forward to whatever comes next.