100 Best College Football Games Ever

Top 100 College Football Coaches Ever

Rivalry Restored: The Meaning of Penn State-Pitt
Bob Higgins, Hugo Bezdek and the greatest play in Penn State-Pitt history

Historical Guide to Georgia-Bama
All the history leading into the national championship game

Lions-Buckeyes Rivalry Still Growing
From a forfeit to a field goal block

SEC on the Defensive
Regional rivalries and modern SEC bravado

Best College Football Rivalry Peaks
From Army-Notre Dame in the 1920s to the Kick Six and beyond

History of College Football in Baseball Stadiums
When college football gets taken out to the ballpark

The Wild 2007 Season, 10 Years Later
Looking at back at a year in which chaos ruled all

Super Bowl U: Biggest College Impacts
A position-by-position guide to colleges represented in the Super Bowl

The Rose Bowl's 10 Greatest Games
Georgia-Oklahoma joined a list of classics

Urban Meyer Off To Historic Start
Few coaching tenures have ever had so much instant success

Big Ten Blues: When the MAC Attacks
The day Nebraska really became a Big Ten team

The NCAA's First National Champions
The Oregon Webfoots and the 1939 NCAA Tournament

Edwards Led a Football Revolution
The influential coaching life of a BYU legend

History of College Football Postseason Rematches
Clemson-Bama II joined this list

Apple Cup Has Extra Juice
Understated a rivalry peak but examining its nadir

Debating Gonzaga vs. Boise State
The battle of college sports Cinderella stories

Gators-Vols: History of Heartache
The early roots of a recent rivalry

The Reversed College Football Result
Upon further review, Dartmouth beat Cornell

History Not Kind To Clemson vs. Bama
Life before the playoff triology

The Obscure Bowl Hall of Fame
The best of the minor bowls

When College Football Goes Abroad
The international forays of an American game

College Career Rankings of No. 1 Picks
What the NFL's top draft picks accomplished as college players

What Alabama Recruiting Looks Like
A geographic history of Crimson Tide rosters

Temple Football Fights History
From obscurity to the national spotlight